it’s not rocket science

it’s not rocket scienceit’s not rocket science




I am a dyslexic female aerospace engineer who is climbing the Seven Summits and North/South Poles (after a near death snowboarding accident, severely breaking my femur and destined to have a cane the rest of my life).  I will be the FIRST US WOMAN (3rd woman ever) to complete the TRUE ADVENTURER'S GRAND SLAM: All 7 (8) Summits, plus the North and South Poles

It was not an easy journey, but I am honored to inspire others through my stories and lessons of GGRIT  



I started reading at age 3 and programming a computer at 5, but in 2nd grade I had issues spelling and reading.  My teacher berated me in front of the class, calling me "retarded", "stupid" and an "idiot".  Eventually, I just flat out refused to read or spell. I was blessed to have parents that recognized I was very intelligent and something was not right. I was tested and we discovered my dyslexia. I decided in 6th grade I wanted to be an Aerospace Engineer. I was home sick and saw the Challenger explode (33 yrs ago today actually). I was devastated. My asked my dad that night how I could stop that from happening again. My father, a brilliant Rhode scholar at MIT, explained what aerospace engineering was and I never looked back.  But, I am dyslexic, so I worked harder than anyone to reach my goal. I have a BS in Aerospace Engineering and an ME in Engineering Management.      

Dyslexia is just one of my stories to share.  


info to come


8 years ago, I was in a life threatening snowboard accident, braking the head off my left femur, spiral fracturing the shaft,  and ripping the muscles off the bone. I woke to a 14” TI rod pinned into my hip and running down the center of my leg.  I was lucky to be alive, but told I would never run, hike, climb, snowboard again. I would have a cane the rest of my life.   I am no stranger to obstacles and this was no different. After 2 years of pain, intensive physical therapy, Titanium allergy (yep ,turns out I am allergic to titanium), surgeries, and sacrifice: I hiked to Everest Base Camp.  

I did not stop there. I resolved to climb the Seven Summits.  

Completed Summits: 

1. Kilimanjaro (Africa – 19,300 ft) 

2. Aconcagua (South America – 22, 838 ft) 

3. Elbrus (Europe – 18,510 ft) 

4. Denali (North America – 20,322 ft) - June 2019   

Upcoming Events: 

5. Everest (Asia – 29,029 st) - April/May 2020 

6. Mt. Vinson (Antarctica – 16,060 ft) & South Pole - Winter 2020 

7. North Pole Spring 2021 

8. Mt Kosciuszko/Carstensz Pyramid (Australia/Oceana - 16,024 ft)- Fall 2021


Depending on the audenience, I share my journey through:

- Overcoming Dyslexia to peruse my dream as an Aerospace Engineer

- Perseverance through stereotyping, harassment, sexism in a STEM career

- KNOWING YOUR WORTH and the courage to live your TRUTH!

- The loss of my best friend and father, Hal N Buchanan

- Defying all odds to achieve the True Adventurers Grand Slam, after a life-threatening femur shatter leaving me destined to a cane the rest of my life

- Navigating through the challenges of infertility, early menopause, aging and how to truly embrace with your WORTH as a woman

I realized the secret to overcoming challenges and extreme conditions is grit; courage and resolve, strength of character. I speak to groups about embracing my 6 components of GGRIT; learn to truly believe in themselves and create a mindset to overcome any obstacle. This includes falling in order to grow.      

Life does NOT get easier, but YOU can get better at dealing with it.