Mental Challenges of Everest

As mystical, thrilling and noble as climbing Mt Everest is, the cold dark truth is it also takes lives and permanently damages bodies. It is one thing to hear about it on the news 1/2 way around the world. But it is quite another to know the people effected.

We watch the helicopters rescue climbers from Camp 2, suffering severe frostbite, HACE, HAPE, and/or other injury. Some we know well. It’s difficult to watch and a slap in the face reminder that even experienced climbers are subject to the elements. Or, sometimes take a chance that does not go in their favor. It is difficult to stay focused on your own climb without projecting others outcomes onto your own. And as devastating as losing a couple toes is… the injured are the lucky ones to have their lives, and be on their way home to their loved ones.

The mountain has taken 3 people so far. I did not know the 2 gentlemen that passed near the South Col. But was here at base camp when we heard the news. Knowing we will be retracing their steps soon, your brain tries to understand what makes them any different than yourself? Did they do something wrong? Was it unavoidable? Is there anything you can do differently as to not meet the same fate? It is close,  and it is scary.

The 3rd was part of the CTSS family. An amazing, experienced, kind hearted, 4x Everest summits, Pemba Tashi Sherpa (28) from Siluchung Gaupalika.

Pemba fell into a crevasse between Camp 1 & 2.  The rescue team was on the scene shortly, but unfortunately unable to save him.

He is survived by his wife Lhakpa Kippa Sherpa, his young daughters Nyima Yangi (5) Lhakpa Khandu (2) and his son, Pasang Dawa (3).

– If you would like to learn more about Pemba and this heart breaking loss, please go to:

– If you would like to contribute to his children’s education fund, please do so here:

(Donation page specifically for Pemba to be set up soon. You can email them though and ask for his fund for now)

My heart brakes for for their families and friends. And, could I be doing the same thing to mine? You have so much time to think while you wait for your shot to summit. The greatest challenge on Everest is the mental aspect. You truly face who you are in the deepest corners of your being. If you can take it, accept it and still choose to move forward, then girl… your potential is limitless. GGRIT is forged in the flames of struggle

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