Finding My Zen at EBC

May 22

My positivity returned quickly (Operation: “Fake It Till You Make It”). It HAD to! Ive force fed myself daily. Making just the idea of hiking… EXHAUSTING! Even if not tired, I make myself take the nappy nap position and listen to music that relaxes me. I have focused on just the present and stop myself from exploring “what if’s” of the expedition. I have also worked hard on accepting today’s strength AS IS. And not comparing to 1 or 2 months ago. My body IS NOT as strong as when I started 2 months ago. But maybe that is ok.

I had to let go of comparisons and reorient my thinking. My abilities 2 months ago do nothing for me today, at this very moment. Except STRESS ME OUT.

The only question that matters is this: Am I strong enough and fast enough right now to take on the 6 day Everest Summit push?

Answer: after taking care of myself the last 10+ days, YES, I am!  So so grateful to have my head back in order, truly confident again, truly connecting with this summit, and truly ready to proceed.

The 10 day weather forecast is firming up and we have a summit date slated. We sent any remaining Camp 1 and Camp 2 items (Hotronics, food, hand warmers, goggles) up today with our Sherpa crew. Now, we rest and prepare for launch in a couple days. The Summit Bid is ideally scheduled like this:

Day 1: EBC to Camp 1

Day 2: Camp 1 to Camp 2

Day 3: Camp 2 to Camp 3 (start O2)

Day 4: Camp 3 to South Col, rest as much as possible, then start around 8pm for summit

Day 5: SUMMIT EARLY MORNING!!!! Take pics, cry, celebrate, then head down to Camp 2

Day 6: Descend from Camp 2 back to base camp!!!

6 Days of giving it everything we’ve got. My mantra Summit day will definitely be “Pain is temporary. Pain is temporary. Pain is temporary.”

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