EBC Barista Bar!

April 14 –

Our first REAL rest day, meaning no hiking/climbing/training. We settled into our camp, organized gear and took it all in. Being the 1st wave, we get to watch CTSS finalize camp set up. There is a GIANT white dome for group hangout. 1/3 the wall is clear plastic, giving us an unbelievable view of the Khumbu Ice Fall! There will be a movie projector (many of us brought downloaded movies on phone/laptop to share. I brought Step Brothers, Talladega Nights and Anchor Man), large comfy blow up chairs/couches, throw blankets, book trade book shelf, ping pong table, and… wait for it…


You heard me! I don’t care if all the power is sucked from everything else, as long as that espresso machine is running! Now, if you are wanting us to struggle a bit more, rest assured, it’s happening. It’s mother F’ing COLD inside and out. Good thing we have coffee to keep us warm. Thanks to the best barista bar boys, Nima and Gelsin (Nicknames: Milli Vanilli (SP?)

We took the first crack at showers here at CTSS City. We figured out how to heat water AFTER my freezing bird bath. But, I was happy to wash the layers of yak poop and dirt off in anyway possible. I’ve gone 28 days without showering, so this is definitely luxurious! We all felt pretty and shiny new again!

Right outside my princess dome, the sherpas are building a Chheshm (sacred holy place). This will be built over the next few days in preparation for the Puja. This ceremony grants safe travel through the icefall for the season. It is not an exact science what day the ceremony falls on, but must be an “auspicious” day. Apparently April 18th is this day! Our sherpas and porters will not start carrying equipment to the higher camps until this has taken place. I am down with whatever our support crew wants. If they’re happy, we’re happy! This is a big event and important ritual before we start rotations. Puja on the 18th, crew goes up on the 19th, therefor we start our 1st rotation on the 20th

Team truly has bonded and getting along so well. Sharing food, laughs, duck tape… it’s all come together (“A-Team” theme music starts to play, or Eye Of The Tiger)

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